Lithodidae Dromiidae Atelecyclidae Cancridae Pirimelidae Cheiragonidae Dorippidae Eriphiidae Epialtidae Inachidae Oregoniidae Pilumnidae Geryonidae Portunidae Potamidae Panopeidae Xanthidae Grapsidae Images Name list Publications Sites Whole checklist По-русски (in Russian) Porcellanidae Varunidae Camptandriidae Macrophthalmidae Pinnotheridae Hapalogastridae Plagusiidae Far East / North Pacific Black Sea Baltic Sea Freshwater crabs Arctic Ocean Designed and composed by Alex Alyakrinsky, 2011 Hapalogastridae Dermaturus mandtii Brandt, 1850 Far East / North Pacific Range. From middle part of Bering Sea to northern part of Sea of Japan and Sitka, from littoral  to a depth of 70 m. [Vinogradov, 1950, p. 232]. “Pribilof Islands; Aleutian Islands and Alaska  Peninsula to Sitka; Bering Island; 6 to 40 fathoms.” [Rathbun, 1904, p. 163].  Inhabits mainly stony bottoms from littoral to a depth of 72 m. [Makarov, 1938, p. 243].  Size of carapace. 23,0 x 23,0 mm (length x width). [Makarov, 1938, p. 243].  Anomura, photo of crab Dermaturus mandtii Brandt, 1850 Dermaturus mandtii Brandt, 1850 Dermaturus Mandtii BRANDT, Bull, phys.-math. Acad. imp. sci. St. Petersb., Tome VIII, 1850,  p. 50; Melanges biologiques, Tome I, 1850, p. 58. STIMPSOX, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.,  1858, p. 232. BOUVIER, Ann. Sci. nat. (7), Tome XVIII, 1895, p. 173; Ibid. (8), Tome I, 1896,  p. 19. Hapalogaster Mandtii SCHALFEEW, Melang. biol., Tome XIII, 1892, p. 332, figs. 2 and 5c,  du Bull. Acad. imp. sci. St. Petersb., Tome XXXV, 1892, p. 338.  [Holmes, 1900, p. 116].  Anomura, picture of crab Dermaturus mandtii Brandt, 1850