Lithodidae Dromiidae Atelecyclidae Cancridae Pirimelidae Cheiragonidae Dorippidae Eriphiidae Epialtidae Inachidae Oregoniidae Pilumnidae Geryonidae Portunidae Potamidae Panopeidae Xanthidae Grapsidae Images Name list Publications Sites Whole checklist По-русски (in Russian) Porcellanidae Varunidae Camptandriidae Macrophthalmidae Pinnotheridae Hapalogastridae Plagusiidae Far East / North Pacific Black Sea Baltic Sea Freshwater crabs Arctic Ocean Designed and composed by Alex Alyakrinsky, 2011 Lithodidae Paralomis verrilli (Benedict, 1895) Far East / North Pacific Range. Okhotsk Sea (Vinogradov, 1947) ; off Pribilof Islands (Benedict, 1894); off Sea Lion  Rock,Washington (Rathbun, 1904); off Cortez Bank, California (Rathbun, 1904); off Nemuro,  Hokkaido (Sakai, 1976). At a depth of 450-1770 m (Vinogradov, 1947; Miyake, 1982). [Komai  & Amaoka, 1989, p. 289].  Size of carapace. 99.3 mm (length), male, 74.8 mm (length), ovigerous female. [Komai &  Amaoka, 1989, p. 288].  Anomura, photo of crab Paralomis verrilli (Benedict, 1895) Genus Paralomis White, 1856 Paralomis verrilli (Benedict, 1894) Pristopus verrilli Benedict, 1894, 486; Ratlibun, 1904, 165.  Paralomis verrilli, Schmitt, 1921, 159, pis. 24, 30, figs. 5, 6 ; Makarov, (1938) 1962, 258-259 ;  Vinogradov, (1947) 1964, 81-82 ; Sakai, 1971, 19, 39, pi. 18 ; 1976, 702, pi. 247 ; Miyake, 1982,  138, pi. 46, fig. 2. Materials : HUMZ-C 769, 1 male (cl 99.3 mm), HTJMZ-C 770, 1 ovigerous female (cl 74.8 mm), OST  8703. Diagnosis : Carapace barely wider than long, pentagonal in outline, areas distinct, covered with rather flat  tubercles. Rostrum short, directed forward, apex simple, with strong single pair of lateral spines; ventral  margin unarmed. Gastrocardiac and branchiocardiac boundary strongly depressed. Gastric region convex  dorsally, with 5 conical spines. Cardiac region with 4 conical spines. Branchial region with 5 conical  spines on each side, of these 4 situated behind level of cardiac region. These spines with apical setae.  Lateral margin with about 20 spines on each side including postorbital spine.  Eye short, cornea ventral, with acute spine dorsally. Antennal acicle well developed, composed of 7-10  acute spines. Cheliped dissimilar, very stout in male, covered with spines and tubercles ; fingers of right  chela of male with 3 molar-like processes on proximal half of cutting edges, whereas those of left with no  distinct tooth, widely gaping. Second to 4th pereopods flattened, almost equal in length, 2.6 times longer  than carapace in male, 1.8 times in female, anterior and posterior margins armed with strong spines.  Abdomen covered with flat, small tubercles, and with marginal spinules ; 3rd to 5th abdominal  somites distinct, without common membranous region; 2nd somite composed with single plate, with pair  of deep depressions. Eggs about 2.0 mm in diameter.  Color of fresh specimen : Carapace pale reddish brown, thorasic appendages deep red. Distal half of  cutting edges of chelae black or deep brown. Remarks : P. verrilli is widely distributed in the North Pacific Ocean (Sakai, 1976). From the Okhotsk Sea, Vinogradov (1947) reported this species.  Although a congener, P. multispina (Benedict, 1894) is also known from the Okhotsk Sea, we do not  find this species in our material.  [Komai & Amaoka, 1989, p. 288, 289].