Lithodidae Dromiidae Atelecyclidae Cancridae Pirimelidae Cheiragonidae Dorippidae Eriphiidae Epialtidae Inachidae Oregoniidae Pilumnidae Geryonidae Portunidae Potamidae Panopeidae Xanthidae Grapsidae Images Name list Publications Sites Whole checklist По-русски (in Russian) Porcellanidae Varunidae Camptandriidae Macrophthalmidae Pinnotheridae Hapalogastridae Plagusiidae Far East / North Pacific Black Sea Baltic Sea Freshwater crabs Arctic Ocean Designed and composed by Alex Alyakrinsky, 2011 Chionoecetes bairdi in Distribution Brachyura, photo of crab Chionoecetes bairdi Rathbun, 1924 Oregoniidae Chionoecetes bairdi Rathbun, 1924 Far East / North Pacific Range. Along Aleutian Islands and from southeastern part of Bering Sea to British Columbia,  from coastal waters to a depth of 470 m (usually to 180 m). Not found in our waters yet.  [Vinogradov, 1950, p. 236]. In asian waters the species extends in west part of Bering Sea, near  West and South-West Kamchatka, near northern and southern Kuril Islands and near east coast  of Hokkaido Island. [Slizkin & Safronov, 2000, p. 83]. Japan - Funka Bay, off Noboribetsu, off  Hiroo, off Kitami, off Hirono, and off Kushiro, Hokkaido [Komai et al., 1992]. Bering Sea;  Bristol Bay [Miyake, 1983]. “In B.C., C. bairdi are found throughout coastal inlets and fjords  at depths of 10–475 m.” [Fong & Dunham, 2007, p. 581]. Type locality: British Colombia.  Size of carapace. Up to 137 mm (width), males; up to 106 mm (width), females. [Fong &  Dunham, 2007, p. 585]. Up to 172 mm, males; up to 127 mm, females. [Slizkin & Safronov,  2000, p. 88]. Brachyura, photo of crab Chionoecetes bairdi Brachyura, picture of crab Chionoecetes bairdi