Lithodidae Dromiidae Atelecyclidae Cancridae Pirimelidae Cheiragonidae Dorippidae Eriphiidae Epialtidae Inachidae Oregoniidae Pilumnidae Geryonidae Portunidae Potamidae Panopeidae Xanthidae Grapsidae Images Name list Publications Sites Whole checklist По-русски (in Russian) Porcellanidae Varunidae Camptandriidae Macrophthalmidae Pinnotheridae Hapalogastridae Plagusiidae Far East / North Pacific Black Sea Baltic Sea Freshwater crabs Arctic Ocean Designed and composed by Alex Alyakrinsky, 2011 Oregoniidae Chionoecetes opilio (Fabricius, 1788) Far East / North Pacific Common name: snow crab or opilio  Range. All far-eastern seas, Chukchi Sea, along american coast from Alasca to British  Columbia, at a depth of 5 to 1000 m. This species forms tremendous aggregations in some  areas; commercial species. [Zhirmunskiy, 1976, p. 54].  Size of carapace. Up to 150 mm (length). [Zhirmunskiy, 1976, p. 54].  Chionoecetes opilio in Chionoecetes opilio Chionoecetes opilio Distribution Brachyura, picture of crab Chionoecetes opilio (Fabricius, 1788)